Will the long distance relationship survive?

First of all, feel comforted to know that long-distance relationships can be absolutely successful. Many couples even point to a long distance season as the cornerstone of a stronger relationship. A long-distance relationship can last until a couple moves out or ends the relationship. For example, if both partners are committed to their relationship, they can make it last for years.

But the real question is whether or not they are happy during this time. A long-distance relationship cannot survive without hope. And for there to be hope, there must be some chance that the two people involved will one day be together and achieve a Happily Ever AfterTM. In all honesty, the only ones who really know what their relationship is are the people in it.

Long distance is difficult, but it is also very feasible. In the end there are small victories. If you try hard, defend your partner's achievements and listen to her talk about good and bad days alike, you can go all the way. Distance tends to make them less personal to us, but by maintaining frequent and open lines of communication and by building trust and positive emotions, it is possible that an LDR will work, even in the long run.

In other words, LDRs worked the same way as same-city relations, as long as the two people met in person at least a few times a year. But how long your long-distance relationship lasts is less important than how healthy it is during this time. We'll be presenting tips for romantic relationships and friendships alike, with tips on how to maintain a strong connection despite distance. When I asked him if long-distance relationships are harder to maintain, he noted that tons of “relationships located in the same place come to an end, just look at the divorce rate.

One of the first signs that your relationship starts to last too long is when you are suppressing your feelings instead of sharing them. Still, being in a long-distance relationship takes work, and you have to take steps to ensure that both you and your partner still feel connected to each other while you're not physically together. Long-distance relationships take work, and it's important that both partners put that and prioritize each other. So how long could a long-distance relationship last? With the right tools and the right mindset, a long-distance relationship could end up being a forever relationship if you and your partner work to nurture it, that is.

When a couple is considering going long distance, immersive and real-time communication technologies can make distance seem more manageable. Many of the people I spoke to said that being long distance had made them better communicators, so this challenge seems to be a place where old-fashioned technological language can intervene to fill the gap. It may be that navigating a long period of distance gives some couples tools to help them deal with future conflicts, big and small. Unless you have come to an agreement that some form of long distance is your ideal arrangement, you both probably need a deadline to highlight your current situation.

According to data from dating site OkCupid, 46 percent of women and 45 percent of men are now open to the idea of a long-distance relationship if it's with the right person, as reported by Refinery29, and another survey showed that 58 percent of Americans in long-term relationships will likely stay together (via Page Six). When you're in a long-distance relationship, your goal and focus should be to make it work as long as you're happy to be in that relationship.

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