Will the long distance relationship last?

Long-distance relationships can last for years or they can last a few months. But how long your long-distance relationship lasts is less important than how healthy it is during this time. People see long-distance relationships as something very hard, where suffering is inevitable. That is, as long as each partner is willing to put on the elbow fat.

Of course, not every long-distance relationship will survive, but they are no more likely to end in the demise than another type of relationship. Still, long-distance couples have to make an effort when they want the relationship to last. One of Lasting's users shared how he came to appreciate his long-distance status. I could dedicate 100% of my attention to my girlfriend when we were together.

When we were apart, I focused on classes and spent time with my friends. It worked great for us when I was in law school. This approach may work for some people, but I've always found that communication needs to happen organically. They should talk to each other whenever they want, not because they have to.

And if that means going a couple of days without communicating, so be it. And having a few days to yourself periodically is quite healthy. When you hope to be together for the long term, you will be able to overcome difficult times when distance seems unbearable. However, there is no evidence to suggest that people in long-distance relationships are more likely to cheat than others.

As long as you both commit to being a team and are open to exploring, there are many ways to connect, keep the fun and strengthen the relationship. When I asked him if long-distance relationships are harder to maintain, he noted that tons of “relationships located in the same place come to an end, just look at the divorce rate. Alex Bettencourt and Frantz Salomon have been together for three years, married for one and long distance the entire time. According to Lasting therapists, long-distance couples who are securely attached can grow and mature.

On average, most people in long-distance relationships tend to be at least 125 miles apart from each other. Statistics showed that about 14 to 15 million people in the United States considered themselves in a long-distance relationship (in 200. There is no doubt that you will have days when your long-distance relationship seems especially difficult. So how long could a long-distance relationship last? With the right tools and the right mindset, a long-distance relationship could end up being a forever relationship if you and your partner work to nurture it, that is.

While the average length of a relationship is about 7.3 years, a German study said long-distance relationships tend to last less than half, or just under three years. It may be that navigating a long period of distance gives some couples tools to help them deal with future conflicts, big and small. Such mundane broadcasts helped Jess Lam, a 29-year-old dentist in Los Angeles, get through four years of long distance with her boyfriend. According to data from dating site OkCupid, 46 percent of women and 45 percent of men are now open to the idea of a long-distance relationship if it's with the right person, as reported by Refinery29, and another survey showed that 58 percent of Americans in long-term relationships will most likely remain together (via Page Six).

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