Can the long-distance relationship work?

Distance tends to make them less personal to us, but by maintaining frequent and open lines of communication and by building trust and positive emotions, it is possible that an LDR will work, even in the long run. Long distance couples don't have to rely on 3 p.m. postal delivery, waiting for news that, at best, is four days old. It is not wise to be too “clingy and possessive”.

You two don't really have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Many couples think they need to make up for the distance by doing more. And it may only make things worse. You'd soon get tired of “loving”.

A long-distance relationship should last as long as it works for both partners. Each person has their preferences about how much physical closeness they need to feel connected to their partner. A long-distance relationship can only work when both partners agree. That is, as long as each partner is willing to put on the elbow fat.

Couples in long-distance relationships go from having fun to making it work to survive the distance and, in some cases, break up. If you want to have a healthy and successful relationship, you need to know how to manage distance and how long you will be apart. While it can make your relationship last a long time, you should ask yourself if it is in the best interest of you, your partner and your relationship. We convene relationship experts to give you their best long-distance relationship advice to help you stay emotionally connected despite the miles between you.

Doubts, insecurities and jealousy can be very important in long-distance relationships simply because they spend a lot of time apart from each other. So if you feel that you need the voice of an expert to guide you, it's not at all a sign of an impending long-distance death. Research has even shown that long-distance couples tend to have the same or more satisfaction in their relationships than couples who are geographically close, and higher levels of dedication to their relationships and fewer feelings of being trapped. When a couple is considering going long distance, immersive and real-time communication technologies can make distance seem more manageable.

When you're in a long-distance relationship, your goal and focus should be to make it work as long as you're happy to be in that relationship. Overwhelmingly, the dozen people I interviewed about their relationships for this story said they would rather be long-distance now, rather than 20 or 50 years ago. Hodder-Shipp says it's crucial to remember that long-distance relationships experience the same difficulties as relationships in the same city, so it's vital to “be creative with ways to meet the needs of others from afar. Long-distance relationships can last until a couple finds a way to be together or ends their relationship.

As long as you both commit to being a team and are open to exploring, there are many ways to connect, keep the fun and strengthen the relationship. But in the meantime, here are some therapist-approved recommendations to strengthen your emotional connection, ease the pain of geographic separation, and help your relationship go the distance. Your relationship will be stronger in the long run if you finish what you started and end it well.

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