Can long-distance relationships be healthy?

Long-distance relationships can be very functional and healthy, but they have to be done with people who have a strong sense of self, he says. It will be a disaster if you feel insecure, jealous or suspicious. Long-distance relationships are healthy, exciting and fun. You can have a romantic partner and have plenty of personal time and space for yourself.

You can maintain a healthy relationship by learning how distance affects your relationship and improving your communication to stay connected. One of Lasting's users shared how he came to appreciate his long-distance status. I could dedicate 100% of my attention to my girlfriend when we were together. When we were apart, I focused on classes and spent time with my friends.

It worked great for us when I was in law school. Maintaining any relationship requires effort, dedication and understanding. And while it may seem that the distance between you might amplify problems, some studies suggest that long-distance relationships are the strongest relationships of all. Unfortunately, heartache is inevitable when you love someone from afar.

By weighing the pros and cons, you and your partner can determine whether to make your relationship a priority or consider other options. According to Lasting therapists, long-distance couples who are securely attached can grow and mature. When a couple is considering going long distance, immersive and real-time communication technologies can make distance seem more manageable. Because building and maintaining an emotional connection is essential to a long-distance relationship, couples who make their relationships work at a distance often have strong bonds.

Almost without exception, couples I know participate in long-distance relationships are suffering emotionally. Such mundane broadcasts helped Jess Lam, a 29-year-old dentist in Los Angeles, get through four years of long distance with her boyfriend. Long-distance relationships take work, and it's important that both partners put that and prioritize each other. I fell into the same long-distance relationship trap with my girlfriend, I feel like she might be cheating on me every day, my heart is on ???? just telling me she's cheating on me Just the fact that she's not next to me is too big for me and she's in the state where her ex is leaving, how can I help myself win her heart and her? stay with me forever.

No matter how much you love each other, there's probably a part of you wondering how or if your relationship will survive the long distance between you. One or both partners must resolve any deep-rooted trust issues for the relationship to work in the long run. These relationships have all the signs and gestures of love relationships without the real intimacy that they share daily life together really nurtures. Your relationship will be stronger in the long run if you finish what you started and end it well.

Many of the people I spoke to said that being long distance had made them better communicators, so this challenge seems to be a place where old-fashioned technological language can intervene to fill the gap. According to the New York Post, approximately 60% of long-distance relationships work in the long term. In a long-distance relationship, mornings and nights can also be the times of day when you feel the most alone because that's when you would normally be alone together. Overwhelmingly, the dozen people I interviewed about their relationships for this story said they would rather be long-distance now, rather than 20 or 50 years ago.

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