Can a long distance relationship lead to marriage?

First of all, feel comforted to know that long-distance relationships can be absolutely successful. Many couples even point to a long distance season as the cornerstone of a stronger relationship. When it comes to long-distance relationships and marriage, most cases will involve a partner who usually loves each other. While there are cases of marriage simply to obtain citizenship in another country, many nations have now made this a very long and difficult process that has begun to deter the practice.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is often a challenge and bringing marriage into the equation can make matters even more complicated, especially when a couple is being a citizen of two different countries. For couples in international relations, marriage is often the only way to make living together indefinitely a possibility. You may have heard of a long-distance relationship, but the idea of a married couple living apart is a very rare notion. While a marriage relationship is limited by the concept of family and cohabitation under one roof, it can sometimes be very limiting and restrictive, taking away the emotion and charm that was initially promised.

That said, even when it comes to marriage, the long-distance relationship can be very effective. It can be a little awkward at first, given the fact that you can't experience everything together, it will surely help you build a strong emotional connection between the two of you. Therefore, to give you a better understanding, here are 7 ways that a long-distance marriage can help your relationship with your spouse. We live in an age of modern technology.

There's really no excuse to go three days without talking to your partner. Keep in touch with your partner. If possible, send them a text or message during the day. You want to feel connected and close.

The messages give you this comfort and intimacy that you could make up for nights after work. The relationship worked long distance, but they had seen how lonely I had been without Matt and they supported my decision. Living with your spouse may seem physically appropriate, but when it comes to talking and communicating your problems, long distance can work more efficiently. If you find that you and your long-distance partner come from different religious backgrounds, your families may face backlash.

In fact, being long distance can make you or your partner more eager to solidify this commitment; however, before embarking on this next step, there are aspects of your relationship that you need to work out as a couple. When it comes to a long-distance marriage, initially, everything can become worrying and stressful. Even if your marriage and relationship are genuine, it is expected to provide ample evidence of your relationship history. By appreciating the past, appreciating the present and anticipating a bright future together, you can move forward against any challenge that being in a long-distance relationship might bring you.

Meg and Mike Jerrard are the long-distance relationship experts, and authors of the best-selling book “The Ultimate How To Guide on Surviving Long Distance Love”. When it comes to long-distance relationships and commitment, things aren't that different from traditional relationships. If long distance wasn't enough of a challenge, planning a long-distance wedding will really test your mettle. Finally, moving in together for the first time after a long-distance relationship can definitely be an adjustment.

Being in a long distance relationship has its positive aspects, such as a better understanding of your time, being more proficient in communication and being able to better focus on one's occupation.

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